Kid's Summer Cooking Camp

We hadn't planned on doing Camp Foodies as we have moved all adult classes to our home, but the booing was loud and clear and Camp Foodies lives on!   The format has changed to fit our new space limitations.

Ages 12 and older. 

Camp will run from 9-Noon, Monday through Friday.

We will only be accepting five campers per session.  

Each day will be conducted as we do our adult classes which means more in depth cooking focusing on specific techniques and knife skills.  We wil not be doing mac and cheese and marinara sauce but more sophisticated foods like seafood crepes and chorizo and fennel.  In other words, if your culinary wizards are super picky, these classes might not be the best fit.

CAMPERS WILL NOT BE BRINGING DINNER HOME but will be eating what they have cooked as lunch each day.  

On Friday, a family member will be invited about an hour before class ends to observe and enjoy the food prepared that day.

Tuition will be $200.00 for the week and due at signup. 

We will have three different camps to choose from, each of which will run two times.  Themes for the day are tentative but fairly close to give you an idea.

Camp 4                            Week of July 16                             Cupcakes, Cajun, Soup and Sandwiches,

                                                                                                      Sunday Dinner,  Appetizers

Camp 5                            Week of July 30                             Sleepover Foods, France, Chocolate,

                                                                                                         Back to Basics, Fast and Fresh


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